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Data Driven Digital Transformation

Project description

Assisting SMEs with digital transformation

The world has changed significantly since the dawn of digital technology in the past century. This digital transformation is enabling companies to become more efficient and productive. Despite the enormous growth potential, EU businesses are not taking full advantage of these advances. There are also big disparities between large companies and small and medium enterprises. The EU-funded D3T project aims to improve the Digital Transformation support scheme by introducing a data-driven approach and helping companies assess their needs in terms of digitalisation. A data analytics platform (D3 Platform) will serve as the foundation of this data-driven approach, which has been developed by Italy’s non-profit Fondazione Torino Wireless (TOWL).


The D3T project goal is to demonstrate how a data-driven approach can innovate the Digital Transformation support scheme provided by Innovation Agencies such as Torino Wireless (TOWL).
Digital Transformation (DT) allows SMEs to deeply change their business and organisational activities, processes, competencies and products/services by taking advantage of a mix of digital technologies. According to the EC, European companies are not taking full advantage of the advanced technologies or the innovative business models offered by the digital economy. Digital Transformation offers new business opportunities for SMEs and can fundamentally change business models, but it affects the whole value chain from product development to sales. It requires an enterprise-wide change which is driven by digital technologies.
Currently, it is recognized a need for more efforts to provide a better support and highlight the need for DT within companies, thus creating a perfect opportunity for innovation support agencies to enhance and find new/improve ways to support firms in their DT paths, regardless of the sector they work in.
Contextually, Data-driven is a trend that Clusters and innovation agencies can take advantage from to create value and enhance their operations, from the optimisation of the support services provided (support schemes) to the creation of more efficient services for their members and networks.
Therefore, D3T project is focused in the improvement of a Digital Transformation support scheme by introducing a data-driven approach that allows a quicker and more thorough profiling and assessment of the companies’ needs in terms of digitalisation and how the support can be better implemented and managed. The data-driven approach will be based on a data analytics platform (D3 Platform), already developed by TOWL, which will significantly contribute along and within the entire digital transformation lifecycle.

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