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The website of the project up and running. Linked T6.2

Extension of the common methodology for the HEADSTART KETs

This deliverable is aimed at identifying the criteria to be used to select the most significant scenarios each KET must be tested against to be implemented in CAD vehicles, together with the tests required to verify their compliance. Linked to T2.3

Assessment method for each of the use cases defined

Report with the extensions to the basic testing procedure (described in D2.1). Extensions in procedures are expected for assessment of multiple vehicles in a system of systems, communication technology for localization and V2X. Also technology specific test cases will be given in D2.3. Linked T2.4

Functional requirements of selected use cases

The deliverable contains the description of the use cases selected in task 1.4. The deliverable also describes the functional requirements for the selected cases, taking into account different types of AD functions, as well as environmental aspects such as road conditions and country specific issues. Linked T1.4

Stakeholders and user group needs

Description of the stakeholders and user groups needs on methodologies, procedures, tools and standards. Linked T1.2

Dissemination and Communication strategy

Definition of the overall strategy and plan for communication and dissemination activities (initial plan). Linked T6.1

Guideline of a comprehensive validation and certification procedure to ensure safe CAD systems

Guideline of a comprehensive validation and certification procedure to ensure safe CAD systems which includes harmonization of methodologies and procedures defined in previous WP. Definition and description of a final HEADSTART procedure for testing, validation and certification. Catalouge developed tools for mapping them to the defined procedure. Linked T3.1

Data Management Plan

It includes the planning of the data management activities for the pool of data that will be collected within the project. The document will outline how the research data collected or generated will be handled during and after a research project. Linked to T7.5

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Concept framework for the safety assessment of platooning trucks enabled by V2V communication

Author(s): Camp, Olaf Op den; van de Sluis, Jacco
Published in: Issue 1, 2020