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Project description

Marketing the results of R&I Actions

The EU’s Next Generation Internet – An Open Internet Initiative aims to support and boost research, innovation, technology transfer, developing a more human-centric internet and cooperation across borders. The EU-funded TETRA project will develop and apply business support activities in the frame of Research and Innovation (R&I) Actions and the third parties funded by the initiative. The project aims to encourage and facilitate the evolvement of their research results into marketable products and services and prepare for their successful marketisation. TETRA will identify and employ relevant R&I Actions funded under the Open Internet initiative, support these projects to make their innovation marketable, develop a vital ecosystem allowing these projects in scaling their activities, and estimate the impacts of these supporting activities and their contribution to the fulfilment of the objectives of Next Generation Internet – An Open Internet Initiative.


The objective of the TETRA project is to develop and implement a series of business-support activities targeted at 'R&I Actions' and their third parties funded under the topic H2020-ICT-24-2018-2019 to help turn their research results into marketable products and services and prepare them for success in the market place. The operational objectives are:
1. To identify and engage relevant R&I Actions' and their third parties funded under open internet initiative (WP2) by
o Creating and pitching the TETRA value proposition to them
o Identifying their market potential, as well as challenges and barriers
o Conducting individual analysis and proposing targeted grow programmes
o Creating a dedicated pool of mentors
o Creating a dedicated supporting package
2. To assist these projects in acquiring the competences needed to bring their innovation to the market exploitation of social innovations (WP3) through a capacity building programme, addressing:
o IP advisory, training and linkage to national IP programmes
o Managerial and entrepreneurial skills
o Soft skills (design thinking, collaboration, team management, etc.)
o NGI culture and proposition
o Usability, acceptability and integration elements
o Tech-transfer services to digital innovation hubs (DIHs)
o Training on new markets, sales and marketing model models
3. To develop vital ecosystem enabling these projects in scaling their activities (WP4) through:
o Investment readiness
o Brokering industry relations consisting of:
o Mentoring and coaching including
o Facilitating access to Public Contracts
4. To assess the impacts of the supporting activities provided and their contribution towards the accomplishment of NGI-Open Internet’s objectives (WP5)

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€ 297 937,91
51010 Tartu

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 297 937,91

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