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Wearable Applications enabled by electronic Systems on Paper

Project description

New diapers and bandages that can ‘talk’

A growing number of new automated applications is transforming the health sector. Telemedicine and connected devices have greatly changed medical practices. Automation in the biomedical field enables patients to stay connected with the doctor and participate in their own health, and monitoring our biomedical parameters is becoming easier. Imagine ‘intelligent’ bandages, diapers or patches. The EU-funded WASP project is developing a technology able to sense biometric parameters, such as glucose levels, and communicate to an external reader. By developing a new printing technology for the definition of electronic devices and circuits on paper – a low-cost, biodegradable substrate, also compatible with high-speed roll-to-roll processes – the project is paving a new path for flexible and wearable electronics.


The WASP project aims at bringing the much-needed step change in flexible and wearable electronics by developing a new industrially driven enabling printing technology for the definition of electronic devices and circuits on paper, a flexible and foldable substrate, which is low cost, disposable, biodegradable, easily obtainable in nature and compatible with high speed roll-to-roll processes. The proposed technology is based on an environmentally friendly process and addresses the needs for future circular economy, as well as that for cheap, flexible and lightweight, multi-functional electronics. At the end of the project, a demonstrator will be released, able to sense biometric parameters (i.e. humidity, pH, glucose levels) and to communicate to an external reader, developed on purpose within the WASP activity.

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