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Establishment and Exploitation of a European-Latin American Research Consortium towards Eradication of Preventable Gallbladder Cancer


Training course programme

The biobank of Universidad de Chile will coordinate the implementation of 1 theoretical courses 2 days 2 handson training 3 days and 3 interview training for the personnel involved in patient recruitment in particular study nurses and Latin American PhD students A detailed training programme will be prepared in collaboration with the experts who designed and implemented the most recent National Health Surveys in Chile aiming at guaranteeing uniform application of standardized study protocols across all recruitment sites

Programme advanced courses

Final programmes for first advanced courses in months 921334557

Advanced courses

Advanced courses taken place in months 1224364860

Recruitment PhD students

Recruitment of three PhD students for first training round

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RNA Sequencing of Hepatobiliary Cancer Cell Lines: Data and Applications to Mutational and Transcriptomic Profiling

Author(s): Dominique Scherer, Marcela Dávila López, Benjamin Goeppert, Sanna Abrahamsson, Rosa González Silos, Igor Nova, Katherine Marcelain, Juan C. Roa, David Ibberson, Sinan U. Umu, Trine Ballestad Rounge, Stephanie Roessler, Justo Lorenzo Bermejo
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Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
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Robust Huber-LASSO for improved prediction of protein, metabolite and gene expression levels relying on individual genotype data

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Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Gallstones, Body Mass Index, C‐Reactive Protein, and Gallbladder Cancer: Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Chilean and European Genotype Data

Author(s): Carol Barahona Ponce, Dominique Scherer, Regina Brinster, Felix Boekstegers, Katherine Marcelain, Valentina Gárate‐Calderón, Bettina Müller, Gonzalo Toro, Javier Retamales, Olga Barajas, Monica Ahumada, Erik Morales, Armando Rojas, Verónica Sanhueza, Denisse Loader, María Teresa Rivera, Lorena Gutiérrez, Giuliano Bernal, Alejandro Ortega, Domingo Montalvo, Sergio Portiño, Maria Enriqueta
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Inbreeding, native American ancestry and child mortality: Linking human selection and paediatric medicine.

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Validation of an NGS Panel Designed for Detection of Actionable Mutations in Tumors Common in Latin America.

Author(s): Mauricio Salvo; Evelin González-Feliú; Jessica Toro; Iván Gallegos; Ignacio Maureira; Nicolás Miranda-González; Olga Barajas; Eva Bustamante; Monica Ahumada; Alicia Colombo; Ricardo Armisen; Camilo Villamán; Carolina Ibañez; María Loreto Bravo; Verónica Sanhueza; M. Loreto Spencer; Gonzalo de Toro; Erik Morales; Carolina Bizama; Patricia García; Ana María Carrasco; Lorena Gutiérrez; Ju
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Publisher: MDPI
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Identification of Circulating lncRNAs Associated with Gallbladder Cancer Risk by Tissue-Based Preselection, Cis-eQTL Validation, and Analysis of Association with Genotype-Based Expression

Author(s): Alice Blandino, Dominique Scherer, Trine B. Rounge, Sinan U. Umu, Felix Boekstegers, Carol Barahona Ponce, Katherine Marcelain, Valentina Gárate-Calderón, Melanie Waldenberger, Erik Morales, Armando Rojas, César Munoz, Javier Retamales, Gonzalo de Toro, Olga Barajas, María Teresa Rivera, Analía Cortés, Denisse Loader, Javiera Saavedra, Lorena Gutiérrez, Alejandro Ortega, Maria Enriqueta Ber
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Risk of Gynecological Cancers in Cholecystectomized Women: A Large Nationwide Cohort Study

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Epigenome-Wide Analysis of Methylation Changes in the Sequence of Gallstone Disease, Dysplasia, and Gallbladder Cancer

Author(s): Johannes Brägelmann, Carol Barahona Ponce, Katherine Marcelain, Stephanie Roessler, Benjamin Goeppert, Ivan Gallegos, Alicia Colombo, Verónica Sanhueza, Erik Morales, María Teresa Rivera, Gonzalo de Toro, Alejandro Ortega, Bettina Müller, Fernando Gabler, Dominique Scherer, Melanie Waldenberger, Eva Reischl, Felix Boekstegers, Valentina Garate-Calderon, Sinan U. Umu, Trine B. Rounge, Odilia Po
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