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Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways


Initial press release

An initial press release will be prepared describing the overall goals and ambition of the project and announcing the start of the project. The press release will initially be published on the BfR webpage and will be distributed to all project partners for publication on their individual webpages.

Project brochure

The project brochure within this deliverable will be in folded leaflet format and contain important information similar to what is presented on the website, aimed at presentation of the project e.g. by distribution of the brochure at scientific meetings. An electronic version of the brochure will also be provided on the project website for download; BfR will provide the project partners with printed brochures as required.

Project website for internal access as well as for public access

A website for the project will be generated and made publicly available. The initial website for internal access will serve the purpose of internal data exchange and information (e.g. on scientific events, reporting deadlines, published papers, repository of previous deliverables and reports) and be protected by a password. The publicly available website will contain information on the project goals, partners, current activities and events, recent developments and scientific publications, as well as contact information for stakeholders. Due date: 3/6 and updates

Data management plan

Data management plan is finalised. Availability of the data management plan will guide how research data are to be handled both during the project, and after the project is completed.

Report of the Ethical Review

Report of the Ethical Review

Formation of External Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the External Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by the end of the first project month.

Report describing standardized protocols for in vivo testing of metabolic effects of EDs

The report will describe the recommended protocols for the main in vivo tests to detect harmful metabolic effects of EDs

Database of mitochondrial screening battery data using ED refset1

Database of mitochondrial screening battery data using ED refset1

Validated NR reporter gene assays

Validated NR reporter gene assays

Report with potencies of ED reference chemicals

Report with potencies of ED reference chemicals

A report of new biomarkers for population studies

Associations of measured ED levels and systemic metabolism by using highthroughput serum nuclear magnetic resonance NMR spectroscopy platform will be made to find new biomarkers for population studies This task needs the information from in vitro and in vivo studies in WP3

A report of the levels of selected EDs and health outcomes

The report consists of the analyzed levels of selected EDs in the study cohorts and literature review about associations of the exposure levels of EDs and health outcomes

Database of expression analysis data of HepaRG treated cells using ED refset1

Database of expression analysis data of HepaRG treated cells using ED refset1

List of relevant events and stakeholders of the project to be involved in further activities

A list of relevant stakeholders with potential interest in the content and achievements of EDCMET is prepared. Stakeholders are identified based on their role in the field (e.g. regulatory agencies, basic science instituted, industry (see also deliverable 5.10)) and publicly available sources such as scientific publications or conference programs. The list will comprise contact persons, email addresses, affiliations and basic information about background, interests and own previous engagement in the field. The list will be hosted by BfR and will be continuously updated throughout the project.

Detailed dissemination and communication plan

Based on the list of the identified stakeholders and their particular interests, a dissemination and communication plan will be established. This document will contain considerations on appropriate communication and dissemination tools (e.g. newsletter, announcement on the project website, and others) to be developed and implemented for further use in the project, in order to ensure optimal interaction with the stakeholders.

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