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Smart City on the Edge Network Enhancements


Threat analysis and security services description

This deliverable presents the results of a threat analysis (STRIDE-per-interaction) carried out on SCENE communications. From these results, the required SCENE security services are presented.

Initial version of system requirements and architecture design

Provide a document describing SCENE architecture and the specifications of SCENE components (Initial).

Initial Pilot Definition

Pilot description, plan and design will give details about preparation and design of the proposed pilot(s).

Innovation Management and IPR Guide

Defines rules for handling user data, anonymization and future use.

Report on commercial activities

Deliverable will detail a commercial awareness strategy and a resume of commercial activities in the first half of the project.

Project, Quality and Management Report

It will set the day-to-day rules of the project as well as the quality assurance and quality control rules both for software and hardware development as well as productization. In addition to this deliverable, first and second periodic reports (M12, M24) and final report (M24) will be produced, as part of official project reporting activities.

Specification of SCENE security framework

This deliverable presents a detailed specification of the SCENE security framework. It addresses both the security services provided by the intelligent gateway to IoT networks and the intelligent gateway self-protection mechanisms.

Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan will specify which data generated in the project shall be part of the ORDPilot and how it will be handled within the consortium and later published.

Initial version of service platform modules

This deliverable will provide the first prototype of SCENE service platform core modules (software), which will cover the service management modules (network access manager and intelligent gateway manager) and caching controller.

Intelligent Gateway prototype (initial)

First version of the product, including optimised CPU, wifi interfaces, and 6LowPAN interface.

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Unsupervised Protocol-based Intrusion Detection for Real-world Networks

Author(s): Maxime Labonne, Alexis Olivereau, Baptiste Polvé, Djamal Zeghlache
Published in: Proceedings of International Workshop on Computing, Networking and Communications (CNC), 2020