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Smart City on the Edge Network Enhancements

Project description

Using city buses to enhance connectivity

Installing self-secured Intelligent Gateways (IGWs) inside public transport vehicles will enable mobile content delivery and interacting with different sensors distributed city wide as the vehicles move around. They will create a dynamic IGWs network able to gather sensor data securely, process and forward them to the central main control center. This is the goal of the EU-funded SCENE project, which is working at the intersection of mobile edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). The project developed a secure open platform that Smart City Service Providers can connect with, by using standard interface protocols, for receiving and processing data from owned sensors. By using the public transport network, municipalities will achieve complete coverage with less investment in infrastructure.


SCENE is building an integrated security system for vehicular network, for both IoT based data collection and multimedia secured content delivery. The content delivery platform is intelligent enough to be deployed in both IoT mode and in the stand alone mode to deliver contents to subscribed smart application. SCENE adopts a radically different view on the type of infrastructure needed for mid-size municipalities : SCENE is an open mobile platform for smart city applications, supporting different IoT wireless access networks (while providing an excellent level of infrastructure cybersecurity. By using the public transport network, municipalities will achieve complete coverage with less investment in infrastructure. SCENE is based on six pillars:, security, system integrity, scalability, elasticity, visualization, interoperability with external services, and easy management. In order to achieve these six pillars, four modules will be introduced. A security module for both data and communication which will be provided by CEA. Second, a smart gateway for mobile IoT/Content delivery control, aggregation and transmission provided by JCPC. The proposed gateway ensures both scalability and elasticity. Third, a service platform that proposes a powerful IoT oriented architecture to provide interoperability and added value services for integration and data analytics, ensuring scalability and elasticity of the system as well as system integrity by ALMAVIVA.
The proposed service platform supports integrated data analytics services among other services. Aa dashboard module is introduced to ensure the ease of management of all system components as well as data visualization. The overall system integration will be implemented by VISIONWARE together with the different municipalities involved. The bus network of Catania in the Italian Sicily Region will be the first SCENE field trial, coupled with a field trial in Rennes city in France, and in Portugal.



Net EU contribution
€ 448 437,50
Rua da lionesa 446 - centro empresarial da lionesa
4465 671 Porto leca do balio

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 192 187,50

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