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Decarbonising Transport in Europe


The International Transport Forum of the OECD proposes to carry out a project that will help stakeholders in the EU and beyond to mitigate carbon emissions from transport. With the engagement of stakeholders throughout the project, we will develop possible transport CO2 mitigation pathways that attain the EU’s CO2 reduction objectives and disseminate results to a large audience.
The focus of the project will be on urban and international transport. Both passenger and freight transport activities will be considered and respective transport models, that allow building scenarios to the future, will be built and/or enhanced to allow for the assessment of transport CO2 mitigation measures. The scenarios that we will build will account for expected technological developments, economic trends, and possible behavioral changes.
Stakeholders will be engaged from early on in the project, in order to obtain their inputs regarding available data and state-of-the art modelling techniques, as well as information on their policy priorities. Stakeholders will also be engaged in the scenario build phase to ensure that specific aspects of their interest are included/modeled. Stakeholders will also be invited to challenge model techniques and results in the course of the project.
Finally, an important component of this project is the dissemination of scenario modeling results and modeling techniques via dedicated events, workshops, reports and papers.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 000 000,00
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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