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compAct powerfUl anD reliAble piezoeleCtrIc acTuator for landing gear sYstems

Project description

Reliable electric actuators for landing gear

More electrically powered systems in aircraft could reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions emanating from this growing industry. The replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic systems with electric ones is a key component of the weight-saving efforts of the aviation industry. The EU-funded project AUDACITY will demonstrate the use of a powerful compact piezoelectric actuator in landing gear systems but the technical challenges to be overcome abound. The project aspires to boost European competitiveness in the field, as demonstration of piezoelectric technology in the landing gears of more electric aircraft would be a first. If successful, the project will boost the quality and reliability of landing gear actuation systems.


Design and development of a long The objective of the AUDACITY project is to make the demonstration of a compact powerful and reliable piezoelectric actuator for future locking applications in landing gear systems.
Audacity is required to get rid of the well-established hydraulic actuators in order to comply with System ITD Strategic Objectives in terms of environmental impact and More Electric Aircraft (MAE).
One American and one Japanese company have shown the relevance of the piezoelectric technology to be used in landing gear systems. Their demonstration are today without equivalent in Europe.
Whereas the principle of long stroke piezoelectric actuator is not new, technical challenges occur. The consortium of AUDACITY has come to the conclusion that every technical limitations one by one during the 20 past years. The technical objective is then to integrate all these individual progresses within a prototype for TRL4 demonstration

AUDACITY aims at impacting the competitiveness of Europe and Associated countries with the direct creation of 20 jobs and 45 Millions of cumulative sales before 2030.


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€ 446 250,00
38240 Meylan

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