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Compact - Additive Layer Manufactured Air Oil Heat Exchanger

Project description

A cool idea for heat management in tomorrow’s more sustainable aircraft

Aircraft engines generate a lot of heat, which can be detrimental to engine function in many ways, one of them being the heating of the lubricating systems of turbine engines. Next-generation very high bypass ratio (VHBR) and ultra-high bypass ratio (UHBR) engines that reduce fuel consumption and noise will increase the demands on aircraft and engine heat management systems. One way to cool engine oil is via air–oil heat exchangers. The EU-funded C-ALM AOHE project is developing a novel, compact air–oil heat exchanger that will leverage additive manufacturing techniques to fulfil the space requirements of future VHBR/UHBR aerospace engines while significantly enhancing performance relative to those available today.


The C-ALM AOHE project will design, develop, manufacture and test a compact air-oil heat exchanger for next generation geared VHBR/UHBR turbofan engines. The work will include:

• Design a C-ALM AOHE incorporating novel geometry and construction with step change technology attributes
• Create a thermal model of the proposed design using computational techniques
• Build a thermally representative C-ALM AOHE
• Performance test the C-ALM AOHE concept and validate the thermal model
• Refine the C-ALM AOHE design and build an optimised C-ALM AOHE
• Test and validate the C-ALM AOHE in line with the Topic Manager's requirements

The C-ALM AOHE project will deliver a fully validated air-oil heat exchanger to TR 6, MCRL4 and MRL6 with a heat load of 80kW and a dry weight of significantly less than 10kg that can directly flow into follow on flight demonstrator and NPI programmes.


Net EU contribution
€ 598 956,62
Pilot way, ansty business park
CV7 9JU Coventry
United Kingdom

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West Midlands (England) Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire Warwickshire
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 654 927,14

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