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Risk reduction for Building Energy Efficiency investments

Project description

Targeted actions to encourage investment towards energy-efficient buildings

To support investor decision-making, the EU-funded EENVEST project will convert buildings' energy-efficiency technical requirements into economic indicators for use in assessing financial risks related to deep renovation investment. Through a search and match investment evaluation web-based platform, the finance industry will be able to match energy efficiency investment demand and offer for Italy and Spain’s commercial office buildings. In addition to evaluation methods for linking technical and financial risk, the project will identify, quantify and mitigate technical risks connected with such investments and lower lenders’ credit cost via tailored risk reduction activities. Ultimately, mutual trust amongst financers, investors, owners and users will improve.


EEnvest aims at supporting investors´ decision making process by translating building’s energy efficiency technical requirements into economic indicators. These indicators are in turn used to evaluate financial risks associated with deep renovation investment and to include non-energy benefits in asset evaluation models. EEnvest will allow the financial sector to match the EE investments demand and offer for commercial office buildings located in Italy and Spain. EEnvest will increase financers’, investors’, owners’ and users’ mutual trust, by identifying, quantifying and mitigating technical risks associated to those investments as well as by reducing the cost of credit for lenders through targeted risk reduction actions. EEnvest will develop effective evaluation methods for the technical/financial risk correlation by categorising a number of major technical risks and quantifying their impact on investors´ confidence. Those risks
will be i) evaluated exploiting existing databases on building energy efficiency (e.g. DEEP database of Energy Efficincy Financial Institutions Group), ii) organized into investor friendly bechmark track record and iii) transferred on a web-based platform through secured blockchain networks The investment demand and offer will be supported by the EEnvest - search&match investment evaluation web-based platform, integrating building stock evaluation data, both from the technical and the financial side. EEnvest approach will be replicable in more countries and business cases thanks to the standardization of technical/financial due diligence framework for energy efficiency renovation of buildings and to the search&match web-based platform allowing deep renovation investments to be more appealing on the financial market.


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