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Novel Materials Based on Alkali Chromites and Manganites for the Generation of Magnetic Skyrmions

Project description

Probing novel materials for their potential to host magnetic skyrmions

Skyrmions are nanoscale magnetic states that can be characterised as topologically protected spin vortices. They can be manipulated using low electric currents and therefore can act as information bits in a new generation of energy-efficient, ultra-dense memory and logic devices. Skyrmions have mainly been found in chiral magnets, but in these systems, they are too large for use as information bits. Research has shown that compact skyrmions might also be found in frustrated magnets. One group of materials that meets the structural criteria are alkali chromites and manganites. Funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the ACHROMAS project will use cutting-edge synthesis and analysis methods to investigate the physical and chemical properties of these materials that can potentially host magnetic skyrmions.


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