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The first wall-integrated, ecologic sound absorbing panel

Project description

Exquisitely designed, eco-friendly sound-absorbing panels pave the way for new applications

Humans are highly sensitive to the sounds around them whether in the workplace, a hotel lobby or an expensive restaurant. Conventional acoustic or sound-absorbing panels are individual elements that can be placed on walls or ceilings to minimise background noise, echoes and distortions. SOUNDCOMB+ is the first wall-integrated sound-absorbing panel. It is made of ecologically sustainable materials that reduce noise at all frequency levels and can be incorporated into custom-made designs. The EU-funded SoundCombplus project is optimising the technology and preparing the business plan to bring the panels to market.


SOUNDCOMB+ is the first wall-integrated sound absorbing panel, designed to reduce interior noise to the lowest levels possible in all frequency ranges. By integration into walls, an entirely new palette of potential applications opens up in addition to wall panels, such as wall insulation and office cubicles, while providing full designer flexibility. The panels can be integrated into any room or building and comprise 100% ecologically sustainable materials and offer users of these buildings comfortable acoustics, higher hygiene standards and custom-made designs. SOUNDCOMB+ was developed by Christian Fuchs, an Austrian designer/specialist in materials processing. Based on a client’s request he and his co-workers developed a box-shaped acoustic panel that has full flexibility in surface design, i.e. any colour or 2D/3D-print can be achieved, creating all kinds of novel effects while absorbing sound to over 95%. SOUNDCOMB+ offers our clients (mainly architects and interior designers) the first acoustic panel that functions as integrated building element rather than as individual mono-functional element. We have developed first prototypes of SOUNDCOMB+, prepared fixation, assessed the sound absorbance performance with all components assembled, and had the absorbing panel itself certified as a building material, bringing it to its current TRL6 stage. This EU project intends to further optimise these features and prepare for the production of the elements and commercialisation throughout the EU.

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