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Identifying subtype specific networks involved in sensory representation in mouse primary visual cortex

Project description

Interactions of cortical neuronal subpopulations in the process of encoding information

Relevant behaviours result from the brain's integration and processing of sensory information in response to certain visual features. This tuning arises from structured connections between cortical neurons represented by numerous neuronal subpopulations involved in different functions. Studies on this neuronal diversity in cortical computation have left the fine subpopulations mainly unexplored. The EU-funded SUBNETVIS project will employ innovative in situ transcriptomics to study the tuning properties and locomotor modulation of the neuronal subpopulations in the mouse primary visual cortex. This technique will allow high-throughput identification of neuronal subpopulations on fixed tissue, based on the transcriptomic signature of neurons. The project will contribute to the understanding of how cortical neuronal subpopulations interact to encode sensory information.


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