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Copy-proof QR Code to secure products against counterfeiting

Companies spend significant time, effort and money to develop innovative products in every market. Counterfeiting enables rogue players to pass off imitations as real, accessing illegal revenue, decreasing the revenue of the inventors and potentially putting lives in danger, depending on the product. The Swiss SME SCANTRUST has developed an innovative copy-proof QR code that enables companies to track their products throughout their entire life cycle, from packaging at the factory to recycling. The patented process has been validated by a long list of Fortune 500 clients. The EU-funded SCAN-2-TRUST project is helping the company fine-tune the technology and formulate the business plan that will formally take it to market.


"It is a well known fact that in today's complex globalised world, if you can make it, counterfeiters can fake it. Indeed, as per 2016 Frontier EcoIt is a well known fact that in today's complex globalised world, if you can make it, counterfeiters can fake it. Indeed, as per 2016 Frontier Economics report, taken together, the negative impacts of counterfeiting & piracy are projected to drain $4.2-tn (trillions!) from global economy and put 5.4M jobs at risk by 2022.

In addition, current solutions are either too easy to imitate to a level that the normal user is deceived, too expensive to be practical to be used in low value products, the process too cumbersome to implement at unit-level, or, usually, a combination of all aforementioned drawbacks, so in practice, no current system provides practical protection against counterfeiters.

SCAN-2-TRUST is a game-changing ""Internet of Packaging"" platform that allows cost-effective unit-level authenticity assessment thanks to our unique, proprietary, copy-proof secure 2D barcode, based on 3-patents.

Moreover, our technology also let brands further engage with their clients and provides accurate actionable information on the full product lifecycle: from the very instant the product is packaged at the factory, to the final moment, when package is recycled.

The value of our Serviceable Available Market (SAM) is ~$206-bn (Year-1). However, for the first 4-years, we will focus on the markets we have gained early traction: e.g. food & beverages, industrial goods, secure documents/ticketing.

SCAN-2-TRUST has been validated by Fortune-500 clients, e.g. SGS, Pernod Ricard, Abbott Labs, Syngenta, Dow Chemicals, ABInBev, Leybold, Nexans, LVMH, Agfa, Nestle (see letters of support in 4.2.B). To-date, we help protect +25M products in +70 countries every year, and have demonstrated global delivery and project rollout capability with key clients (see explanatory videos, awards received & latest news in our webpage:"

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€ 50 000,00
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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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