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An intelligent exercise machine for measurable and motivational neuro-muscular rehabilitation therapy


Annually 8.45 million of European citizens (~13% EU population) require some form of rehabilitation, and the number is expected to increase due to the aging, the proliferation of diseases and accidents.
Current rehabilitation devices fail to guarantee an effective therapy because of the lack of tailored training according to the patient needs, a therapist is required for each patient leading to long waiting lists, low self-training compliance, and the lack of precise data about patient’s evolution.
At Robofit ApS (2013, Denmark) we have been working on the new therapy generation: Enjoint. It is a novel intelligent exercise machine for neuro-muscular therapy, that using Big Data and Cloud Connection, provides precise data about patient progress while adjusting the rehabilitation training according to the patient injury and progress. Furthermore, it increases the compliance of the rehabilitation program though self-motivation of the patients thanks its constant feedback.
Enjoint current prototype is a fully functional device (hardware, software running on iOS, and cloud connection) optimized for neuro-muscular rehabilitation of shoulder joint and surrounding muscles. It has proved to reduce €132/patient per session, save €25,781/patient by reducing sickness period benefit, and to improve an 87.5% patient’s compliance to the rehabilitation.
We expect to internationalise our customer base entering by 2021 onwards across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the UK and France. Expected gross profits after 3 years of commercial exploitation are estimated at €8.35 Million, serving more than 1,100 clinics across Europe. Successful implementation of this expansion project will result in growth of our company by up to 10 employees.

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