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Towards local circular economy: biomass-based pyrogasification process for the production of green hydrogen


Hydrogen is meant to be one of the most important renewable energy sources of the future since it is a flexible energy carrier that will facilitate significant reductions in energy-related CO2 emissions, what would favour to meet requirements of EU energy policies and fight against climate change. However, it is necessary to overcome infrastructure challenges and high productive cost to achieve a competitive alternative to other renewable energies.

T’AIR ENERGIES is a French SME which aims at bringing to market an innovative energetic model where the local biomass and waste are valorised to produce and distribute green hydrogen for mobility (fuel cell electric cars), energy (electricity/gas) and industrial applications.
Our innovative solution, called Hydrogreen, is a pyrogasification-based process where biomass (wood, wood waste, straw) is converted, with optimum efficiency, into energetic hydrogen and decarbonated CO2. Our methodology proposes an integral process based on the valorisation of locally available material and agricultural surpluses through a decentralized process that guarantees huge savings in terms of logistical costs (-66%) for the system's inputs. In addition, thanks to the optimization of the resources used and the introduction of waste/products at the end of their life in the productive cycle, it is fully aligned with the principles of the circular economy. Finally, the distribution of H2, in which the traditional service stations are complemented with a personalized system where our logistics partners directly transport the fuel to the end users, solves a key mobility bottleneck, further boosting the growth of the number of vehicles based on clean hydrogen energy.

As Hydrogreen will enable us to offer green hydrogen to local actors at a competitive price below €7/kg, we expect, after 5 years of exploitation to reach €25 million revenues, with 4 industrial sites commissioned and +88 new employees.

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