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TRAXEN – Ultra low power, long life tracking sensor

Project description

A smart and simple device to keep track of cargo

The global shipping of containers, trailers, cargo boxes and pallets as well as air and rail wagons is growing at a rate of 25 % and is expected to reach an enormous 23 million units by 2024. This growth is also giving rise to the tracking industry. There is a need for real-time data on the location and condition of cargo in transit. The EU-funded TRAXEN tracking project has a solution: a miniaturised, decade-long life tracker that is cheaper and easier to maintain compared to current devices. According to the project, the new device is also more reliable in terms of managing missing or misplaced cargo.


Our goal is to introduce a novel, miniaturized, decade long life tracking solution for the logistics industry to be able to track each of their pallets, containers, trailers, wagons, boxes which means we open an entirely new, approximately 79 Billion EUR market in the world.
Our development is also supported by IoT innovation team of T-Systems Hungary Plc. whose goal is to import our product into their B2B sales portfolio.
With current tracking devices, mass tracking is not possible without high investment cost on devices, constant battery recharging, maintenance, staff is needed to keep the devices alive. These devices operate only for days as GPS and GSM based tracking has high energy need. Adding more battery makes these devices too large, not fitting to many applications (e.g.: pallets, medication boxes).
With our unique, miniaturized tracking devices, based on NBIoT communication technology, we can solve one of the main problem of the logistics industry: track and locate any of their transportation assets real time, constantly even for a decade with very low investment cost and almost 0 maintenance. Based on our product logistics, transportation can be more reliable, initial and constant investment on replacing and managing missing, misplaced pallets, trailers, containers can be tremendously reduced, also insurance cost of missing goods can be reduced and needed resources can be minimized and optimized.
Regarding this huge market, based on a modest production capacity prediction we can reach at least 22.8 million EUR revenue by 2023, reaching only 0.03% of this market.
Our company has 7+ years of IoT development history, and we are official NBIoT sensor developer and industrial partner of IT Services Hungary and T-Systems Hungary Plc. with several successful NBIoT development for external large industrial partners (e.g. E.oN).
Our team is lead by Gabor Illes-Kiss who has a strong experience in international project management, company leadership.

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