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Charging network optimized for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)


Due to growing population with growing urbanisation tendency, transportation is a major burden for modern cities. In Europe, using cars (even electric cars) is not the most optimal way of individual travelling in cities, due to busy roads, constant traffic jams, and difficult parking. The spreading of so-called Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) represents one of the best solutions to the current challenges of urban transportation. However, the major obstacle of the spreading of LEVs in European cities is the lack of charging networks, resulting in too short range of the vehicles. Our company, Servo Movement Ltd, aims to commercialise Servo PowerShare, a community electric power sharing system designed for charging light electric vehicles (LEVs) in the streets. In the current project we aim to perform a feasibility study, which is essential for our successful market entrance. The success of this project will facilitate the commercial introduction of PowerShare and promote the growth of our company.

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