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ECO sustainable multi FUNctional biobased COATings with enhanced performance and end of life options

Project description

Turning agro-food biomass into optimised coating materials

Low-valorised biomass sources – such as tomatoes, legumes, watermelons, sunflowers and shrimps – are as valuable as ever for the EU-funded ECOFUNCO project. It will select and extract functionalised molecules (active organic molecules, proteins, polysaccharides, cutin) for the development of new bio-based coating materials. These will be used on two different substrates: cellulosic and plastic-based for the production of plastic trays and top layers (packaging for fresh products like pasta, ham and meat) as well as cellulose-based table wares, woven and non-woven (personal care products). Also, cutin-based formulations will be used for water-repellent coatings such as paper cups and tableware. Protein-based barrier and chitosan-based coatings will be used for multilayer food packaging.


The overall objective of project ECOFUNCO is to select, extract-functionalise molecules (proteins, polysaccharides, cutin) from highly available, low valorised biomass such as tomato, legumes, sunflower etc for the development of new bio-based coating materials to be applied on two different substrates (cellulosic and plastic based), with improved performances compared to currently available products and at the same time with more sustainable end of life options.

The products to be developed in the project are in particular:

Antimicrobial-antioxidant coatings based on chitin nanofibrills, and/or chitosan, functionalised MC, for cellulose tissues (personal care), paper and cardboard (packaging for fresh products like pasta, tableware), woven and nonwoven (sanitary), plastic substrates (bio-polyesters) for active packaging.
Cutin based formulations for coatings water repellent (paper cups, service paper etc.), water vapour barrier (packaging) and protective properties (non-food packaging).
Protein- based barrier adhesive for multilayer food packaging (bio polyesters based), with sustainable end of life options (composting, recyclability).


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€ 416 858,00
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Research Organisations
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€ 79 639,50

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