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Boosting motor learning through sleep and targeted memory reactivation in ageing and Parkinson’s disease

Project description

Studying sleep as a memory boost for Parkinson’s patients

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is characterised by a range of motor symptoms. Rehabilitation involves a range of motor adaptations that are learned to maintain daily functioning. However, the benefit of training is low since it is hard for PD patients to remember what they learned. In this context, the TARGET SLEEP project will investigate how sleep can facilitate motor memory consolidation. For instance, the project will compare the effect of a 2-hour daytime nap with targeted memory reactivation (TMR) and without. The findings will shed light on how sleep interventions may boost the effectiveness of rehabilitation and improve the well-being of PD patients and the ageing population in general.


Net EU contribution
€ 166 320,00
Oude Markt 13
3000 Leuven

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Vlaams Gewest Prov. Vlaams-Brabant Arr. Leuven
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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