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Nature of a Greenbeard Gene in the Fire Ant

Project description

Insights into the evolutionary mechanisms of social behaviour

Theory predicts that altruistic behaviours should occur only among related individuals. Surprisingly, the so-called Green-beard effect lead genetically unrelated individuals to cooperate as long as they share the same cooperation locus. The key objective of the EU-funded GreenAnt project is to study a Green-beard genetic element – the Social b supergene – in the fire ant, where carriers kill non-bearer queens. Researchers are interested to understand the genetic basis of the Green-beard effect in this species, and how it is maintained and spread. Results will provide fundamental insight into the evolutionary mechanisms of social behaviour.


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€ 203 149,44
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1015 Lausanne

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Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera Région lémanique Vaud
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