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Contain, Distribute, Obstruct. Governing the Mobility of Asylum Seekers in the European Union

Project description

Hotspots, relocation and secondary movements

In the aftermath of the 'refugee crisis' of 2015, the European Union and its Member States intensified their efforts to control the mobility of incoming migrants. This resulted in the introduction of the 'hotspot approach', the implementation of relocation schemes and the reintroduction of border controls at some border points within the Schengen area. The EU-funded CONDISOBS project examines these measures through a multi-sited qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews with institutional actors, non-governmental organisations and migrants. CONDISOBS aims to understand whether hotspots, relocation schemes and internal border controls have succeeded in discouraging secondary movements in the European context. It will provide a unique, comprehensive and empirically-grounded analysis of the policies targeting asylum seekers in the EU.


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