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CHEmically-mediated MICRobial Interactions maintained by the toxic dinoflagellate OStreopsis cf. ovata


Important proliferation of microalgae, the so-called Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), affects aquatic ecosystems. Extensive repercussions of HABs on human health, aquatic species, and aquaculture are yearly recorded worldwide and related economic losses can be measured in millions of dollars. Given their impacts, the increasing occurrence of HABs worldwide constitutes a major ecological issue for the coming decades. The proposed research project CHEMICROS (CHEmically-mediated MICRobial Interactions maintained by OStreopsis) aims to investigate the three essential aspects of the microbial control of Ostreopsis blooms: (i) influence on the specialized metabolism, (ii) commitment with toxins degradation, and (iii) potentiality as bio-agents for blooms control. The proposed research will benefit from the training offered by two renowned institutions, the Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA, outgoing phase) and the Laboratory of Oceanography of Villefranche-sur-mer (France, incoming phase), whose research activities focus on natural products chemistry and plankton ecology, respectively. A large part of this project relies on the use of cutting-edge techniques in analytical chemistry, for which I will be trained during the outgoing phase. This knowledge will be transferred to the European host by organizing a technical workshop. The multidisciplinary skillset and knowledge developed through the fellowship will help me gain European and international visibility in the field of microbial ecology and will increase my competitiveness and attractiveness for potential collaborations with researchers in academy or industry, as well as with European managers of aquatic environments. The methodologies developed during the fellowship may be applied to improve our understanding of other HABs species and the dissemination of the results will enable coastal managers to implement preventive measures to safeguard the public.

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  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/oceanography

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