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MicroFluidic based platform for SeMen Analysis


MicroFSMA aims to deliver an assay for semen analysis and isolation of quality sperm for in-vitro fertilization (IVF). An automated, user-friendly, standardized, and efficient method is highly in demand from embryologists/andrologists. MicroFSMA consists three microfluidic chips integrated with a commercial computer program. Microfluidics chips will be designed to replicate in-vivo physical and chemical environment of a female reproductive tract. The thermal and chemical gradient will be generated in microchannels to identify responsive sperm cells.
Additionally, a computer program will facilitate multi-sperm head and flagella tracking for the recorded time-lapse image sequence. Tracking algorithm will connect the positions of sperm cells in recorded successive images. The continuous wavelet analysis (CWT) /harmonic analysis of the flagellar wave and head trajectory will assist to identify the responsive sperm cell towards the chemical/physical cues. We are convinced that the correlation of sperm kinematics with harmonics/wavelet analysis will reveal potential parameters for male infertility screening.
The successful employment of MicroFSMA in an industrial atmosphere will improve the experienced researcher (ER) knowledge of industrial R&D and market strategy. These unconventional skills will ensure the complete exploitation of MicroFSMA results by starting the small-medium enterprise(SME)/academic joint research schemes.

Field of science

  • /social sciences/economics and business/business and management/commerce
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Funding Scheme

MSCA-IF-EF-SE - Society and Enterprise panel


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35000 Rennes
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 196 707,84