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Microbial fluxes of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) in karst ecosystems: comprehensive assessment and biogeochemical modelling

Project description

Karst microbiota contribution to the global carbon cycle

Karst ecosystems are considered fast sinks of atmospheric methane (CH4) or alternative sources for CO2. Advanced research suggests that microbial action may play a central role in CO2 and CH4 uptake, fixation or production and also determine alterations of principal budgets of greenhouse gases in karst ecosystems. The EU-funded MIFLUKE project will develop a biogeochemical model of microbial processes to clarify the role of karst microbiota in the principal greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4). The project’s findings will shed new light on the exact contribution of karst ecosystems to the global carbon cycle, thus also addressing the EU priority of climate action established by the Horizon 2020 programme.


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