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Formation of Black Hole Mergers in Dense Stellar Systems

Project description

Creating more accurate models of black hole mergers

The recent observation of gravitational waves from the cosmic neighbourhood of two merging black holes opened up a new era of astronomy, allowing scientists to see parts of the Universe once thought to be invisible. Einstein’s theory of general relativity seemed to perfectly describe the events associated with the merger of the two stellar-mass black holes. Despite the confirmation of black hole existence, there are some big questions that scientists still need to answer. These mainly relate to how and where black holes form or what helps them get close enough to merge on an observable timescale. The EU-funded BlackHoleMergers project will try to address these fundamental questions via new Monte-Carlo methods that more accurately model binary star mergers.

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Norregade 10
1165 Kobenhavn
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 219 312