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Seeing is predicting: Testing a predictive coding account of visual perception involving saccadic eye movements

Project description

Tracking eye movement, testing predictive coding

Our eyes are constantly moving, analysing and interpreting complex visual data. Every second, we make about three saccades – rapid eye movements designed to shift the fovea to objects of visual interest. This does not mean visual perception is unstable. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The EU-funded C-Pre project will determine whether predictive coding, which involves the transmission of prediction and prediction error signals across brain networks, can explain this. The project will trace these signals to measure and record brain activity along with eye-tracking experimental designs. The findings will advance cognitive sciences with their highly-innovative falsification attempt of an influential theory.


Net EU contribution
€ 175 572,48
Houtlaan 4
6525 XZ Nijmegen

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Oost-Nederland Gelderland Arnhem/Nijmegen
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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