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taRgeted thErapy for adVanced colorEctal canceR paTients


REVERT Website

A REVERT website will be designed and maintained, providing open-access to appropriate project information, learning experience for visitors including slides, and publications.

“First study subject” approvals package

The approval package will include 1. Final version of REVERT study protocol. 2. Registration number of clinical study in EudraCT registry that will allow posting of study results. 3. Approvals from ethics committees and national competent authorities for enrolment of first subject in at least one clinical centre. 4. Incidental findings policy. The PI will notify to the central IRB the actual beginning of the clinical study represented by the first patient enrolled.

Dissemination and communication activity report 1

Dissemination and communication activity reports will be released at M12 and yearly, thereafter, for the entire project life.

Report on SOPs for sample collection, processing and storage, including indicators to monitor quality of samples

Standard operation procedures (SOPs) for samples collection, processing and storage may differ in relation to the type of biomarker to investigate. The SOPs will be designed on the basis of both the biochemical characteristics and the expected grade of stability of every biomarker (or biomarker family). The reference criterion for the validation and the optimization of the SOPs will be the grade of conservation of the analyte through the process. Therefore, when requested by fragile biomarkers, SOPs will be delivered in association with appropriate criteria to assess the stability of the analyte.

Production of shared procedures and choice of the QC material(s) for quality monitoring of analytical phases

Suitable quality control materials will be tested for each marker in comparison to the real matrix according to a standardized procedure, that will be matter of a deliverable. A directory of quality control material(s) recommended for every biomarker will be also delivered. A directory of biomarker(s) for which no commercially available/reliable quality control material(s) will be produced.

FAIR Data management Plan (DMP)

A document structured in various chapters (following the EU instructions) dedicated to: Data Summary; FAIR principles; Resources; Data security; Ethical aspects and other national/funder/sectorial/departmental procedures for data management in use.

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Learn Chemistry with Augmented Reality

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