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WATERSIGN: Smart Water Monitoring & Leakage Detection

Project description

Advanced technology for monitoring water leakages

Water management faces challenges related to different types of losses. To handle situations of leakage, cracks or obstructions in water service, advanced technology offers determinant assistance. Tavlit’s Watersign System developed and patented a technology that can control water supply and irrigation structures and detect water losses in real time. The technology is easily applicable, low cost and can identify any type of water loss risk via a sensor applied at the entrance of the water system and on a Watersign-marker placed at each water exit. This innovative solution uses the water itself as a transmitter of information. The EU-funded WATERSIGN project will prepare the technology for the market through pilot cases in agriculture and landscape areas.


To enable a more efficient use of water and limit wasteful usage, real time monitoring and alerts in case of burst, blockage or leakage
is needed to empower consumers to take corrective action as quickly as possible. Tavlit's Watersign System’s disruptive patented
technology reduces water wastage and maximizes the efficient use of water, thereby preserving scarce resources, by enabling real
time monitoring of water supply lines and irrigation systems. The system is simple and economical, making it an ideal solution for
water management. Using the water itself as the medium to transfer the data, the system detects leakages, bursts, blockages, water
theft and unauthorized connections, identifying the specific point/location of the disturbance, and alerts the user immediately so
that corrective action can be taken. The system analyses water consumption patterns and sends alerts in the case of irregular
behaviour, as well as immediately sending an alert when non-potable water enters a potable water system.
The system is comprised of just one sensor located at the inlet of the water system being monitored, while each individual water
outlet is equipped with a Watersign-marker, a mechanical device operated by the water flow, creating small flow/pressure
fluctuations in the water, generating a unique signature at every outlet, identifying each user by small fluctuations in the water flow/
pressure. The water itself is used as the medium to transmit information from all markers simultaneously to the sensor located at the
inlet of the system. A smart algorithm separates between signals and identifies each user, sending an immediate alert in case of
irregular behaviour.
The project’s objective is to bring the Watersign System to full commercialisation using Tavlit’s global market presence and
reputation. Throughout the project, pilot sites will be operational, including agricultural, landscape & turf and golf course sites, as
well as rural village and water utility pilots.

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