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Propellant-Free Continuous-Dispensing Packaging Solution: From Commercial Pilot to Full Commercialization


Aerosol dispensers have serious drawbacks, stemming from the presence of pressurized and, in most cases, combustible gas. The use of pressurized gas requires pressurized packages that must be rigid and cylindrical. The gas, metal and chemicals used are harmful to human health and to the environment, they come with inherent safety issues and they incur high manufacturing, transportation and handling costs.
Changes in consumer shopping habits and growing awareness of sustainability are driving the €9 billion global aerosol packaging market to look for a gas-free alternative to aerosols that is cheaper, safer, more eco-friendly and that allows a wider variety of package forms.
GreenSpense is bringing to market Eco-Drive, a cost-effective alternative to aerosol packages that eliminates their environmental, health and safety issues, opens a new world of packaging design and differentiation opportunities for brands and can be seamlessly implemented on existing production lines.
The product provides an aerosol-like dispensing experience with many significant advantages: a cleaner environment, reduced manufacturing, transportation and handling costs, use of recyclable packaging, exciting new horizons for brand differentiation via packaging design freedom, and sidestepping the increasing regulatory restrictions being placed on the manufacture and transportation of aerosol packages. The product is compatible with existing aerosol filling equipment.
European and international customers have already started working with GreenSpense on packaging their continuous-dispensing products with Eco-Drive. The project focus is to address the strong market demand for a gas-free and pressure-free continuous dispensing package and to take Eco-Drive from its current initial phase of paid-for commercial pilots, through large-scale commercial readiness in the European and global liquid-product-packaging market.

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