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EpiShuttle: Isolation and Transportation of Infectious Disease Patients

Descripción del proyecto

A safe solution for infected patients

Infectious disease outbreaks are responsible for thousands of deaths globally. The travelling patterns of our modern society further increase the health, economic and security risks associated with such outbreaks. Specialised isolation units (SIU) were developed by EpiGuard,comprising a group of medical doctors who laboured to contain Ebola infection. They came up with the EpiShuttle solution after three years of research – a one-person, hard-top (polycarbonate), reusable SIU. Under the EpiShuttle 2.0 initiative, EpiGuard aims to combine modern gas disinfection technology with EpiShuttle to make their technology cost-effective and applicable for the wider global market worth billions of euros.

Ámbito científico

  • /ciencias sociales/economía y empresa/gestión y empresas/comercio
  • /ciencias médicas y de la salud/ciencias de la salud/enfermedad infecciosa
  • /ciencias médicas y de la salud/ciencias de la salud/enfermedad infecciosa/virus ARN/ébola

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