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Seizure Risk Asessment for Epilepsy

Project description

Seizure risk assessment for epilepsy

Predicting epileptic seizures are crucial. MJN Neuroserveis has developed SERAS, a non-invasive, discrete and wearable device to alert users of a pending epileptic attack. The device, which comprises an earpiece, reads the electroencephalogram and alerts the user via mobile application. What's more, the device monitors the user's brain activity, logging key medical information, including the number of seizures suffered, their intensity and frequency. SERAS can help patients significantly reduce, if not avert accidents from seizures, allowing science and doctors to go a step further in the research of neurological pathologies. The project is expected to boost commercialisation plans and scale-up business to the goal of EUR 27 million turnover by 2025.


MJN Neuroserveis’ has developed SERAS, a non-invasive, discrete and wearable device that predicts an epileptic seizure before it occurs. The device consists of an earpiece that reads the electroencephalogram, and a cloud-connected mobile application containing an artificial intelligence algorithm that alerts the user, their environment, and medical services one minute before a seizure occurs. In addition, the device permanently monitors a patient's brain activity, allowing for the generation of medical reports, the number of seizures suffered, their intensity and frequency. Currently, doctors who care for these patients do not have the data to allow for targeted patient treatments. Today, there is no device clinically validated in the market with these functionalities that can permanently monitor brain activity in a discrete, portable and continuous way.
Around 50-65 million people suffers from epilepsy worldwide, depending on source. These people live in a permanent state of uncertainty, caused by not knowing when they will suffer the next seizure and if it could cause a serious accident for them. SERAS is a disruptive solution unique in monitoring brain signals and predicting epilepsy seizures with enough time to avoid accidents.
MJN is a business moved by high social impact vision; our claim is ‘Quality of life for everybody’. We face a market of 6 million epileptic people in EU and USA. We aim to become a new benchmark on a global scale in the digital health world related with neurological diseases. SME Instrument Ph2 project will help us to improve our prediction algorithm in order to automate learning process and create a platform to exploit data recorded from users of the device. This will allow us and doctors go a step further on research of neurological pathologies. By Ph2 project we will accelerate our commercialization plan to scale-up our business to the goal of €27 million turnover by 2025.

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