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Selective Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to High Value Chemicals


Technical Consistency Plan

This task involves the creation and management of a TCP, which is essential for integrating the various WPs to allow for synergistic results. The TCP will create: • Standardizing of different types of catalysis testing relating to testing in H-cell, gas diffusion electrode, and membrane electrode assembly. • Standardized testing sequences of catalysis (chronamperometry, chromoptentiometry, etc.) • Standardization protocols relating to ionomer, ionomer concentration and membranes. • Standardization protocols relating to purity in electrolytes, gases, equipment, etc. • Standardization protocols relating to current density and conversion in relation to matching modeling and experimental • Standardizing of anode electrodes • Other standardizing procedures that WP leaders feel necessary

Project Management Plan

The PMP wil be a document that includes a formalized procedure for report preparation and delivery linked to the SC. The ISO project management system will be applied to this project to ensure quality standards are met. This is done by establishing and following a set of procedures that ensure implementation according to the schedule, processes and standards defined in the PMP. The PMP will also define the necessary resources and their use, as well as the standards the procedures for the implementation of quality assurance.

Design of a project visual identity set

This deliverable will provide a design of the project visual identity set and project templates (presentations, logo). This will be done working with all partners to ensure the optimal identity is created to promote this project.

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