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Icarus Software

Project description

New software helps create metal alloys with tailored properties

Metals comprising nanocrystalline grains – tiny crystallites measuring tens of nanometres across – are much stronger compared to conventional coarse-grained materials. Until now, scientists lacked the ability to predict the performance of nanocrystalline materials. The EU-funded ICARUS-SW is working on developing software to model and tailor properties of nanocrystalline metal alloys. The software will be used for designing new thermodynamically stable nanocrystalline metal alloys with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties, which will also be able to heal themselves after suffering radiation-induced damage. Such materials can find use in a wide array of structural applications.


The underlying innovation idea of ICARUS-SW is a software for the identification and prediction of new nanocrystalline alloys with tailored properties. The software can be used as a predictive tool for the exploration, identification and design of new thermodynamically stable multi-component nc metal alloys with enhanced thermal, mechanical and irradiation damage self-healing properties. It allows the systematic exploration of the parameters space defined by chemical composition, microstructure, thermodynamic state functions and properties in search of new families of nc alloys. In preparation of this software, the exploitation, IPR and dissemination strategies will be defined and implemented in this project, based on in-depth market analysis, business planning and other exploitation-related activities.

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