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Airborne Artificial Intelligence for more efficient, safer and sustainable inspection and surveying of energy industrial areas

Project description

Energy companies flying high for real-time analysis

Drones can replace people in the assessment of infrastructure and land surfaces, which is crucial for the energy industry. On-site missions and visits are currently conducted, but the results are substandard and without possibilities of forecasting. They may also be dangerous. In this context, the EU-funded MYRIAD project will develop a drone-based inspection and surveying system for the energy sector. Using artificial intelligence for addressing and forecasting real-time anomalies, this drone will be fully autonomous and capable of surveying targets around the clock. Compared to human inspections, the drone is expected to reduce workload and operational costs by more than 50 %.


The energy industry relies on inspection and surveying activities to evaluate the condition of infrastructures and land surfaces. However, these activities are mainly performed manually by in-person missions, a time-consuming and costly process that may yields to incomplete and poor-quality results without possibilities of forecasting, as well as posing a safety threat to personnel performing these tasks. Towards that direction, drones - technically described as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - are evolving beyond their military origin extending their offerings to commercial sectors. Companies are starting to realize that they constitute not only a replacement to time-consuming, costly and dangerous in-person missions but also an excellent alternative for accurate real-time data collection.
With MYRIAD we disrupt commercial drones’ market by introducing an innovative drone-based inspection and surveying system to be applied as valuable business tool in a number of energy sectors. By combining the efficiency, cost benefits and safety of UAVs with insightful aerial data and powerful software with AI, MYRIAD enables decision making for our customers based on real-time anomalies detection and forecasting (Airborne Artificial Intelligence). With MYRIAD drone we propose a 24/7 fully autonomous inspection and surveying able to reduce associated workload and operational costs at 50-75% compared to traditional manual methods while minimizing personnel risks. Furthermore, through our proprietary software we offer on-demand acquisition of high-quality aerial data and real-time analysis, interpretation and forecasting of anomalies - powerful datasets – to guarantee the successful operation of energy related companies.

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