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B25Tr - New and innovative turbocharged engine

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - B25Tr (B25Tr - New and innovative turbocharged engine)

Reporting period: 2019-03-01 to 2019-07-31

Aviation is the answer to the future mobility problems. New projects of flying cars, and drones are starting these projects all have to face the engine problem, because current GA certified engines do not comply with engineers’ needs. Most GA certified engines are 60 years old, and do not comply, and will never comply, with today’s emission regulations. MWfly designed the B25, which is a modern engine for LSA the B25Tr/c is the solution for these new projects. Also GA and LSA need a modern and “green” engine. It's time for Aviation to control emissions and reduce the environment impact.The object is to develop a new engine family that is in line with the new aviation market for GA and LSA. MWfly is the only EU aero piston engine manufacturer that can achieve this goal. Phase 1’s objectives were to do a feasibility study with the expected outcomes: 1 to validate the business concept; 2 engage with customers to demonstrate user acceptance; 3 test the prospects for European growth and international expansion. Having confirmed the market acceptance and market potential of B25Tx with the feasibility study carried out in Phase 1, over the Phase II project our goal is to achieve a production capacity and commercialize our solution. Having received promising results, we will extend them over the Phase 2 work plan followed by Phase 3 that will comprise specific objectives as presented in the PHASES.
We have organized customer pilots to understand the solution’s technical acceptance, willingness to pay, and pricing validation. The research was carried out through a survey (SURVEY ANNEX IMAGE) sent to the customers and with direct interviews. All the individuals saw the presentation of 4 different products (1) B25Trn (turbo normalized) CS-E (2) B25Trs (turbo supercharge) (3) B25Trs +hybrid (4) B25Tr certified
The main results of the research are:
1 Everyone believes emissions and environmental impact are problems that must be faced. To understand the relevance of this result “EMISSION”, indicates the current emissions of actual aero engines compared to B25 and B25T, admissible emissions are in blue
2 Cost evaluation of the product in line with MWfly prevision “PRICE”
3 Performance requirements in line with the project “PERFORMANCE”
4 Great interest from emerging markets that will become the biggest markets in the future “MARKET”
5 Great interest from flying car and urban aircraft manufacturers. Great growth is expected in these markets “SALES”
In general, the feedback on all the products was positive. Each product, although having the same starting point, had different configurations to meet different needs. Each customer has identified a product that satisfies their needs. Each customer has indicated what criteria meets their needs. We have conducted analyses of the initial target markets. We identified 4 main Markets (1) LSA - Light sport Aviation (2) GA - General Aviation (3) MALE - Medium Altitude Long Endurance (4) UAV - Urban Mobility Aircraft. The forecast expects an impressive growth for all of these markets in the next few years. We completed an analysis of our internal company resources to ensure our capacity to develop a production network. We evaluated hiring requirements, operational and organizational issues and carried out cost-benefit analysis. We analyzed stakeholder data, and built our stakeholders’ engagement strategy. We undertook actions to maximize its market success. We defined the communication needs to be used before the commercialization phase. The best communication is made by the current users of the engine, they can show the engine in use and spread a positive opinion of the engine itself. MWfly, has carried out promotional activities through B2B meetings with customers at their facilities. The meetings have always had a positive outcome by dissolving doubts of the quality of the product. In the last period MWfly or dealers participated in meetings and international shows. We seek traditional and non-traditional means to reach the customer: Advertisement; Media; SEO/SEA for the optimization of the website in order to attract more visitors and to convert visitors into customers. The activities carried out for the diffusion of the MWfly products were focused on the social media communication like FB, and Instagram. The goal was to reach a significant number of followers, and this was done through the publication of numerous posts participating in blogs and discussions. This has allowed us to quickly collect more than 13,000 followers on Facebook.
During Phase 1 MWfly started to define the production process, updated the documentation, and changed some of the suppliers in compliance with TC certification. The Phase 2 objective is to achieve the B25 certification and the MWfly certification as DOA, POA and TC.
For the turbo version some modifications were implemented, the injectors were doubled to guarantee a greater flow of fuel, the passage of the cooling water between the head and crankcase was changed to withstand higher pressures and temperatures, the oil circuit was redesigned for greater pressure and flow, and a new crankshaft was designed that runs on plane bearings, not ball bearings. These modifications allow for an easier installation of the turbo. Preliminary studies were carried out to evaluate solutions for turbocharge “TURBOCHARGER”. The Phase 2 objective is to produce, test and market the version of the B25 with TN and with TS
For the B25TS+HYBRID we found a partner to develop the hybrid project starting with a B25 aspirated version, and therefore it can be carried out in parallel with the development of the B25Tr/c.
The aviation market is growing steadily and aviation will definitely be the solution for the mobility and logistic problems of the future, although it will not be possible to achieve these ambitious results with the current engines. It is not possible to think about the future of aviation without a “green” engine and without taking into consideration the environmental impact. The B25Tr/c engine will be the first “green” engine for aviation and should not be ignored by the new designers. The B25Tr/c engine will be the first environmentally friendly engine that will meet the aviation certification criteria. The certification required by a GA or UAV manufacturer requires and foresees the provision of a new product designed for machines for a better future.