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B25Tr - New and innovative turbocharged engine

Project description

Light-sport aircraft reach new heights

Innovations that are transforming aircraft manufacturing in general are not so evident in aero engines. Lack of competition is creating a headwind against engine innovations especially in light-sport aircraft (LSA) – higher-performance engines are needed to showcase the potential of these small aircraft. The EU-funded project B25Tr will unveil a new compact and highly efficient engine for LSAs that promises high power output with a very high power-to-weight ratio. Their water-cooled cost-efficient turbocharged engine will enable LSAs to reach higher altitudes with significantly decreased fuel consumption and harmful emissions. This reduction of fuel consumption (20 litres/hour against the 40 litres/hour) and polluting effects is good for the environment.


B25Tr is a new and innovative turbocharged engine. The B25Tr will be proposed to the LSA and GA markets. To
realize this product, it is necessary to upgrade the aspirated engine to a turbo-charged engine.
The world of LSA manufacturers and that of aircraft engine manufacturers have advanced at two different
speeds: the aircrafts have advanced rapidly and with obvious innovative transformations, while the engines
have advanced slowly or almost still mainly due to the absence of competition. The LSA market is hungry for
technological innovation and is rapidly expanding worldwide and therefore it needs engines with greater
performance to better express the LSA aircraft potential. The GA market has stopped growing due to the high
costs of purchase and maintenance.
B25Tr introduces novelty and added value: it will offer the best power/weight ratio with the highest efficiency
of the market of aero engines. It will be the only engine completely water cooled, with a gear box, fuel
injection, SOHC, the crank shaft of ball bearing and connecting rod on needle bearing.
B25Tr delivers tangible and direct benefits: it allows to use the engine at Hight altitude: the LSA aircrafts will
have the possibility to use lightweight engines with more power, without loss of performance with altitude, so
will be more competitive with the actual GA aircrafts. It allows to offer a new generation engine with better
weight/power ratios and better performance. It allows to have cheaper purchase and maintenance costs. It
allows to have a reduction of fuel consumption and polluting effects with greater attention to the
environmental impact (20 litres/hour against the 40 litres/hours).
B25Tr addresses the needs of a large B2B and B2C user B25Tr addresses the needs of the LSA and GA Market,
based on aircraft characteristics. There is also the category of homebuilt aircrafts and drones used for border
control and safety control.
B25Tr’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) is 72bn EUR in EU 28.

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