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Tackling Idleness and Under-utilization of Heavy-Machinery with a new fully Automated and Versatile Docking System

Project description

Automated docking system for heavy machinery

Some industry experts say it is not unusual for idle time to represent as much as 40 to 50 % of total running time for heavy machinery. It amounts to major waste and poses health hazards. An Austrian based start-up company, SYN TRAC GmbH, has developed a solution. DOCK’N’ROLL is a heavy machinery vehicle that can be augmented with customised attachments ranging from cranes to snow ploughs through an innovative docking system that has been created by the company. It has also been built to achieve maximum performance with reduced emissions. The product debuted two years ago with revenues estimated to reach nearly 30 million by 2025.


30-40% of all heavy machinery is standing idle while the motor is running which is a major waste and health hazard, but there are currently no solutions to address this problem. Major causes of idling are 1)specialized machines not being utilized due to seasonality: besides having to cope with the maintenance of these machines, users may have to look for others when needing a different application;2)the driver having to leave the cabin and dock the vehicle to attach components manually (time & cost-intensive, unsafe process), while the engine is running. We, SYN TRAC GmbH are an Austrian start-up company founded with the aim to bring to the market a solution that would tackle both problems described - DOCK’N’ROLL. DOCK’N’ROLL is a heavy machinery vehicle which can be indefinitely augmented with customized attachments (crane, snow plower, etc.) through our innovative docking system (patented). Heavy machinery operator companies can finally have access to a fully transformable vehicle, which can rapidly couple with attachments depending on the desired application, at the same time it provides safety to drivers. Also, it is built to provide the highest performance and reduced emissions and is the only vehicle that provides full docking automation. We have now finished producing our first prototype and signed our first customer deal. Through this project we seek to finalize DOCK’N’ROLL’s development, to prepare the scale-up of our production from 20 to 50 units/year to meet our confirmed demand in European countries, as well as to consolidate our supplier and distributor network. In November 2017 we made our first appearance at the World’s leading International Fair of the Sector – Agritechnica – rendering 360 contacts and +150 leads from European companies. This confirmed customer interest serves as a base to our initial estimations to reach €28.9M in revenues and to grow our team to 55 people by 2025.

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