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A novel healthcare tool for the active ageing with chronic kidney disease

Project description

Personalised at-home management of chronic kidney disease

Patients suffering from chronic diseases need long-term or lifetime monitoring of their renal function, which due to the technology involved is still mostly conducted in hospitals. The EU-funded CKDSens project aims to improve current healthcare and give the opportunity for personalised management to patients with chronic kidney disease. The project is introducing an innovative point-of-care platform able to perform early diagnosis of kidney dysfunction thanks to the real-time daily monitoring of key renal biomarkers. Through the decentralisation of biomarkers' analysis, diagnostic systems ensure more sustainable management of resources while individual patients can lead a more active life and receive equal treatment.


Frequent monitoring of the renal function is required for hundreds of millions of people (90m in the EU): patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetes and cardiovascular problems. The monitoring of these patients is still mostly done in hospitals, because the technology involved is too specialized to be handled by patients. Some companies offer limited qualitative monitoring in a near-patient care scenario, but quantitative monitoring is still centralized at hospitals. In this market, CDKSens can make a notable difference.

CreatSens, a technology-based company from Spain, is developing a new point-of-care platform for the personalized management of the kidney function. CKDSens aims to improve current healthcare by introducing new synthetic membranes to detect several relevant biomarkers. CKDSens is a low-cost innovation requiring little expertise, ideal in a near-patient care scenario. By decentralizing the biomarkers’ analysis with new diagnostic systems (i.e. moving it from the hospital to the patient’s home), healthcare professionals will waste less time and money on analyses. This helps sustain our healthcare system. Individual patients will be able to lead a more active life, while health inequalities get tackled along the way. Direct stakeholders are pharmaceutical companies, technological healthcare companies and foundations.

CreatSens wants to assess the technological and economic viability in the first 6 months (phase 1), to deliver a feasibility plan for phase 2 where the key steps for CreatSens to grow as a company in the European context will be introduced. CreatSens' 5-year growth plan is focused on selling the technology in 5 EU countries. We foresee 40 M€ turnover in the next 5 years, with the creation of 50 direct jobs and over 100 indirect jobs.

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