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Disrupting Medical Instruments for Eye Care.

Project description

A single instrument to restore vision

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of visual impairment in the elderly in the Western world and is treated with medication injected into the eye. The treatment has increased rapidly across the globe. Vitreoject provides the only integrated device that allows a localised sterilisation and injection in one device. This transformative invention is being developed with the support of eye experts and financial leaders in the field. By effectively reducing operating theatre time and resources, Vitreoject has the potential to save EUR 249 million in health costs across Europe.


Dr Kromer and Mr Dabous founded Vitreoject UG (limited liability) in Hamburg in 2018. Together
with our team, we aim to increase access to eye care by improving and optimising process operations.
Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of visual impairment in the elderly
and treated with medication injected into the eye. Before the introduction of the drug, less
than 5,000 injections were administered annually. Since then, global numbers rose to more than 90
million worldwide. However, there is a lack of an optimised approach as the injection process has
mostly remained unchanged since 2004.
With the Vitreoject device, we strive to disrupt the process of these injections by compromising
all needed parts into one device, making it more efficient, material-saving and above all,
safer. Vitreoject is the only device that allows the game-changing localised sterilisation and integration
of all steps into one device. We develop the transformative invention with support
from industry leaders from the ophthalmology and economy sector, as well as a leading group of
ophthalmologists. Our device has the potential to save € 249 Mio yearly in health care costs in
Europe by reducing operating theatre time.
The medical device market is a high risk market due to the unpredictability of the product
adoption. This SME1 proposal contains a feasibility study on the technical aspects of the product,
the commercial strategy, implementation and its financial viability.
The original technology concept was formulated in late 2017, and a patent filed in April
2018. The solution is now developed as a functional working prototype that has been validated in
an experimental setting, and we would like to use this SME1 feasibility study to be able to advance
and move forward to a manufactured product in late 2019.
Vitreoject is dedicated to developing disruptive medical instruments for eye care which will be able
to disburden the European Healthcare system.

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