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Adding high value to wasted raw material from pulping industry


Ecohelix has developed a technology which transforms widely available, sustainable, pulp industry waste into high-performance polymers. Membrane filtration and biotechnology are applied, using proven large-scale processing techniques, to isolate and modify wood biorefinery derived hemicellulose and low molecular weight lignin. The technology has been verified both for production and as an end product (to TRL6).
The end product can replace petroleum-based products such as PVOH, PVAc and SDS and foodcrop based products with a highly sustainable, biodegradable, high performance product which reduces CO2 emissions and adds value to the pulp industry. Ecohelix can tap into a large and stable availability of raw material that pulping processes create - and at the same time offer
processing benefits for the mills.
A wide range of potential applications have been identified in the cosmetics, pulp and paper chemicals, packaging and construction industries. For certain applications, including as an emulsifier for paper board sizing chemicals and in cosmetics, tests demonstrate a significantly superior performance. The performance as an emulsifier for paper sizing chemicals (the paper sizing process provides water resistance and strength for applications including liquid packaging board) is x10 better than the existing market solutions.

Ecohelix’s value chain involves close partnerships with both pulp mills and speciality chemicals producers.

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