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Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism


Evolution of the publications in high impact journals in the relevant research fields

"To evaluate the impact of activities in Horizon 2020 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are required. For this reason the Commission services developed the following Widening KPI: ""Evolution of the publications in high impact journals in the relevant research fields"". This indicator measures the evolution (compared to a reference period of three years prior to the signature of the grant agreement) in % of the peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals (in the top 10% impact ranked journals) in the given research fields of the research organisations (on average) in low-performing countries funded under the ""Twinning"" measures. The task will be to introduce in the Continuous reporting tool on the Funding and Tenders portal before the end of month 2 of the project peer-reviewed publications (in the particular field of research) of the coordinating entity during the three years preceding the start date of the project. Please note that after the end of the second month the encoding of previous publications will not be possible. After this date only the project-related current publications should be added to the list. The deliverable will be a one-page statement that the task has been completed. Instructions on further details will be sent after the start date of the project. "

International Conference Proceedings 2020

International Conference Proceedings 2020 The organizing of an annual conference that is open to academics and stakeholders from public and private spheres. To sustain the overall aim of strengthening its international research profile, the annual conference will be organized by UNL during the Twinning Project, but will then rotate among other European locations. The Conference will include 2 days of academic presentations and discussions, one day of practitioner-oriented workshops, and one day of Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) organized by top international researchers on the field, which will precede the conference. Researchers involved in the Twinning Project will attend this Conference to develop networks and explore collaborative opportunities. The speakers for the three annual editions, during EUFORPP, will be chosen by the International Advisory Board (see WP5 and Section 3.2.1). Each event will have an overall theme, around one of sub-fields that EUFORPP aims to develop.


Resilient Leadership as Paradox Work: Notes from COVID-19

Author(s): Luca Giustiniano, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Ace V. Simpson, Arménio Rego, Stewart Clegg
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Paradoxes of organizational change in a merger context

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Integrative ambidexterity: one paradoxical mode of learning

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Through the looking glass: leader personhood and the intersubjective construction of institutions

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Improvisation in the learning organization: a defense of the infra-ordinary

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Corporate Sustainability: A View From the Top

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Ambidextrous leadership, paradox and contingency: evidence from Angola

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Paradox theory and the paradox of success

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha, Linda L Putnam
Published in: Strategic Organization, 17/1, 2017, Page(s) 95-106, ISSN 1476-1270
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DOI: 10.1177/1476127017739536

Reflexive work and the duality of self-leadership

Author(s): Miguel Pina e Cunha, Mafalda Pacheco, Filipa Castanheira, Arménio Rego
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Strategic agility through improvisational capabilities: Implications for a paradox-sensitive HRM

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Mission impossible? The paradoxes of stretch goal setting

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A Paradoxical Approach to Hybridity: Integrating Dynamic Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Perspectives

Author(s): Wendy K. Smith, Miguel Pina e Cunha
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