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Developing a European Forum on Paradox and Pluralism

Project description

Paradoxical challenges created by pluralistic stakeholders

Management science involves a broad interdisciplinary examination of problem-solving and decision-making in human organisations. It delves into the paradoxical challenges that are created by the contradictory yet related interests of pluralistic stakeholders. The EU-funded EUFORPP will support Portugal’s Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBEE) in the study of Paradox and Pluralism, which accepts conflict and contradiction as part of all organising endeavours. The project will set up a forum on paradox and pluralism, which will culminate in an annual international conference, a web platform to connect the worldwide community, and impact labs to bring them closer to society. While Nova SBEE is the main beneficiary of the project, the networking will also benefit all partners.


Management science shows that individuals and organizations constantly face paradoxical challenges, built from contradictory yet related interests of pluralistic stakeholders that do not have straightforward resolutions. Researchers in the field of Paradox and Pluralism develop ground-breaking research with complex perspectives that accept conflict and contradiction as part of all organizing endeavours. This research overcomes limitations of traditional theories and methodologies and has gained prominence among academics and practitioners. Nova SBE has been developing Paradox and Pluralistic perspectives, but lacks funding and access to global networks that enable it to achieve higher standards of scientific excellence in the field. EUFORPP will leverage on the academic expertise of European institutions (CITY/UK, UNIGE/Switzerland, LUISS/Italy, and EUR/Netherlands) and a wider network of international experts, to create opportunities to develop Nova SBE’s research and innovation (R&I) capacity in this field across Europe and the world. EUFORPP will build excellence in Nova SBE by setting up a long-standing Forum on Paradox and Pluralism, materialized in different mechanisms: an International Conference to be held annually, a Community of Practice supported by a Web Platform to connect worldwide experts, and Impact Labs to explore specific sub-fields and connect the Forum to society. Nova SBE will be the primary beneficiary of the project, but the networking will benefit all Partners and the state of R&I in Europe, as these mechanisms will establish fruitful links with top researchers at global level. The Twinning will also include specific activities aimed at Nova SBE’s development, such as staff exchanges, academic symposia, training of early stage researchers, and paper development workshops that will enable a significant transformation in Nova SBE’s research capacity.

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