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Safety in NanOmaterials & NAnotechnology

Project description

ERA Chair to address big challenges of tiny particles

Nanotechnology, which involves molecule-sized machines and processes, can help save precious resources and minimise wastage. The term nano (Greek for 'dwarf') means one billionth and a nanometre is a billionth of a metre (a strand of hair is about 75 000 nanometres across). The EU-funded SiNfONiA project aims to ensure the safe development and application of this emerging, cutting-edge technology in diverse areas such as medicine, environment and energy production. At the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Portugal, the project will attract and maintain a high-profile researcher (ERA Chair) and a team with excellent research capabilities in the nano-safety research domain.


The potential of nanomaterials and nanotechnology to improve the quality of life, to address society’s grand challenges and to contribute to economic growth and to sharpen the competitiveness of industry is now widely recognized, not only in Europe, but globally. Nanomaterials and nanotechnology offer substantial possibilities for improving the competitive position of the EU and for responding to key societal challenges. However, there is a need to ensure the safe development and application of nanomaterial and nanotechnologies and for finding reliable ways to predict the potential risks to health, food and environment of these materials and technologies . Due to the widespread use of nanomaterials, it is critical to identify any potential risks they may pose to human health or the environment. These current uncertainties surrounding nanomaterial risk mean that research is required into nanomaterial safety. Addressing these knowledge gaps will help to ensure that innovation in the rapidly developing area of Nanotechnology is not stifled by concern, but instead by determining risks associated with nanomaterials we can promote the safe, sustainable and responsible use of this technology.
SiNfONiA aims at attracting and maintaining a high profile researcher (ERA Chair) and respective research team with excellent research capabilities in the nanosafety research domain. SiNfONiA will play as a catalyst to fully maximise the impact of the ERA Chair on the scientific excellence and research performance of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL).

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€ 2 498 581,25