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HeartBIT_4.0 - Application of innovative Medical Data Science technologies for heart diseases.

Project description

Digital training in healthcare data technologies

Recent years have witnessed a digital transformation in healthcare with the implementation of patient-monitoring technologies that support decision-making. The EU-funded HEARTBIT_4.0 project has been designed to provide the necessary training that accompanies such computational and analytical techniques. Project members are experts in biomedical data science and will train staff at the Department of Heart Diseases of Wroclaw Medical University in Poland on data science in medicine. Trainees will enhance their skills in the analysis and interpretation of large medical data sets with obvious implications for personalised medical care.


Support of medical care requires new skills related to effective control of applied medication and methods of treatment, elimination of mutually exclusive medical opinions. There are available technologies to facilitate continuous patient monitoring, including the generation of warning signals, enabling real-time decision support (at the bedside) as well as the ability to dynamically respond to emerging medical conditions and to personalise complex medical care. In the face of progressive digitization, which also involves medicine, acquiring skills, which are based on modern, advanced and state-of – the art computational and analytical techniques, is essential. During the HeartBIT_4.0 project, The Excellence Partners invited to the consortium, will train the staff from the Department of Heart Diseases of Wroclaw Medical University in the field of Data Science and application of Data Science techniques to medicine. The Department of Heart Diseases has no experience in using modern state-of-the-art methods of analysis and interpretation of large medical data sets. Due to the lack of these skills in the post-industrial era of Big Data and e-society, the Department is forced to accept a secondary role in the contemporary development of biomedical sciences. Establishing the consortium under Horizon 2020 twinning programme and thus formal cooperation with the leading scientific departments from the developed European Union countries that are experts in Biomedical Data Science will significantly increase the scientific potential of the Department. Moreover, the acquisition of the competencies described above will make the Department a valuable partner for future cooperation, research projects at the national and international arena. The acquisition of the above-described competences in cardiology will be the first step in implementing this approach in other fields of medicine so that the ultimate beneficiary of the HeartBIT_4.0 project will be the entire university.

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Net EU contribution
€ 275 962,50
50 367 Wroclaw

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Makroregion południowo-zachodni Dolnośląskie Miasto Wrocław
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 275 962,50

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