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Coordination of Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation in the Black Sea

Project description

Research to boost blue economy in the Black Sea

The future of the Black Sea is a major EU concern. The Burgas Vision Paper issued in May 2018, under an initiative supported by the European Commission, outlines the key framework to ensure the sustainable development of the Black Sea by 2030. It focusses on the creation of a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) based on the identification of critical research problems. It also addresses the development of advanced technology and education. The EU-funded Black Sea CONNECT project will support the development of the blue economy in the Black Sea region through the cooperation of stakeholders from the scientific, technological, industrial, political and logistic sectors. The project will associate ecological protection, economic growth, infrastructure development and scientific research.


Restoring and maintaining the resilience of the Black Sea ecosystem, while enabling a sustainable exploitation of its natural resources is vital. A better coordination and alignment of research and innovation efforts alongside developing improved knowledge base and joint infrastructures could substantially support this timely challenge. Towards this end the Burgas Vision Paper was produced, by an initiative supported by EC, as the key framework document for a shared vision for a productive, healthy, resilient, sustainable and better-valued Black Sea by 2030. It addresses the four key pillars on which a new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and its Implementation Plan can be built on: (1) Addressing fundamental Black Sea research challenges, (2) Developing products, solutions and clusters underpinning Black Sea Blue Growth, (3) Building of critical support systems and innovative Infrastructures, (4) Education and capacity building. Building on this recently emerging policy framework, the core contribution of the Black Sea CONNECT CSA will be to scientifically, technically and logistically support the Black Sea Blue Growth Initiative towards the implementation of the Burgas Vision Paper, with a view on boosting the blue economy in the region. The overall objective is to coordinate the development of the SRIA and its implementation plan both at national and regional level. The SRIA and its implementation plan will guide stakeholders from academia, funding agencies, industry, policy and society to address together the fundamental Black Sea challenges, to promote blue growth and economic prosperity of the Black Sea region, to build critical support systems and innovative research infrastructure and to improve education and capacity building. The project will support the design of synergistic activities such as developing an operational network of funders, new transnational joint activities and achieving the knowledge transfer.

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