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Risk-aware Automated Port Inspection Drone(s)


RAPID regulatory compliance analysis (test plan).

Produced in WP1 Task 14Contents A report containing a regulatory gap analysis that will contrast the service use cases against current rules Quality check The consortium and qualified stakeholders will validate the report findings WP7 will perform mapping of engagement with and transformation of rules and standards to realize RAPID as a TRL8 service

RAPID feasible market opportunities.

Produced in WP1 Task 11Contents A report containing enhanced service model definitions will be generated based on requirements analysis in cooperation with the consortium experts as well as engaged early adoptersQuality check The resulting service design will be validated by the consortium EAB and the internal stakeholders of the HPA and XOC as well as crossreferenced to the current state of the art in UAS and USV operations

Use case design specification.

Produced in WP1 Task 12Contents A report specifying use case requirements such as health and safety rules survey data attributes eg image format and resolution deployment logistics legacy workflow constraints etc Quality check Validation of use cases achievement of the KPIs will be conducted in WP8 and inform WP9 development of strategies to maximize the societal benefit and adoption rate

Communication platform of RAPID.

Several communication tools key messages and channels will be developed to achieve the WP goals Leading partner RW will begin by developing key messages and visual identity D82 These will become the pillars of the RAPID brand All partners will weigh in on this visual brand and their feedback will be incorporated The development and dissemination of the main communication message will be supported by several tools These key messages and tool will be combined to form the communication platform of RAPID D93 which will be maintained defined revised updated and enhanced throughout the lifecycle of the project The visual identity of the project will differentiate RAPID while making it memorable Section 229 described the tools and platforms that will be developed and exploited for the dissemination of the project ie RAPID visual identity website videos infographics print material such as leaflets posters rollups backdrops video material integrating UAS footage and ARVR technologies enewsletters workshops social media press releases and media relations

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