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Training of a new generation of researchers in Innovative Electrochemical OXidation processes for the removal and analysis of micro-pollutants in water streams

Project description

Training ESRs to remove micro-pollutants in water systems

Pollution of European freshwater systems is still a major challenge for environmental policymakers, despite implementation of water treatment techniques. Chemical pollutants pose a serious threat for human health. The EU-funded InnovEOX project will train 15 early stage researchers on new techniques that can detect and degrade micro-pollutants, reduce pollution and ameliorate water quality. They will be trained in advanced electrochemical wastewater treatment methods. The project will focus on the research of alternative solutions, the development of integrated photocatalytic and electrochemical oxidation methods and the perfection of micro-pollutants’ detection and separation techniques. The ESRs will be also trained in the estimation of the impacts of proposed methods on wastewater treatment and the environment.


Although the European freshwater system is monitored closely by different European frameworks, it has been demonstrated that organic chemical pollutants are still putting half of it at risk. The InnovEOX R&D training network was built to address and provide a solution for this considerable challenge: to boost innovative electrochemical wastewater treatment techniques to effectively degrade highly hazardous organic micro-pollutants, reducing environmental pollution and improving the European quality of life and health. By setting up a training frame to educate the next generation of highly-qualified ESRs in one of the most promising fields in micro-pollutant degradation, this will enable to generate important innovations, necessary to create a new level of EU excellence and reinforce EU R&D capacity in the field. The overall InnovEOX aim is to train 15 creative, entrepreneurial & innovative ESRs with high employability and career perspectives, capable of promoting new technologies in the industry and academic sector. The main InnovEOX R&D objectives are: 1) the exploration of alternative electrochemical oxidation pathways via generation of different oxidative radicals, 2) the development of combined photocatalytic/electrochemical oxidation techniques, 3) the development of novel analytical approaches for the separation and identification of these micro-pollutants and their degradation products, and 4) an assessment of the effects of the developed treatments on the aquatic toxicity, biological wastewater treatment and the environment as a whole via a life cycle assessment. These objectives combined will ensure a high-quality training with a high-societal impact for the reliable, economic and complete removal of priority pollutants from wastewater. Pushed by an interdisciplinary & intersectoral consortium of 10 leading beneficiaries and 7 partner organisations, the proposal will offer innovative training based on an optimal balance between research and formal training.


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